Want to Make More Money Ridesharing in a Tesla?

or get access to our cheapest rates?

Unlimited Kilometers

No charge per kilometer. In fact, we encourage you to do as many clean, zero tailpipe emissions kilometers as you like!

We’re so confident in the low maintenance cost of EVs that we will pay for required servicing, no matter how much you drive, and pay for a complete set of tyres every year (we expect our tyres to last a minimum 48,000km).

Earn More Money & Keep It

The Tesla Model 3 qualifies for premium ridesharing services including Uber Comfort and Premier. It also qualifies for incentives such as reduced platform commissions. This can increase your earnings.

At the same time, running costs are significantly reduced and drivers can save hundreds of dollars per week in fuel. Teslas can be charged at home for as little as a tenth of the equivalent cost in fuel, and we also offer our drivers charging cables to make use of hundreds of free charging stations.

All Day Driving Range

Our brand new Teslas offer all day driving with approximately 420 km real world range. Recharge in a matter of minutes at convenient fast charging stations for extended driving sessions or road trips.

Drive Where You Want To

We won’t tell you where to drive (but normal sensible exclusions, like driving on the beach, apply). If you want to leave the Brisbane metropolitan area and drive to Cairns, go ahead. We only ask you take responsibility if the car needs to be returned or gets stuck due to matters out of our control (like COVID boarder closures).

Unparalleled Service from Experts

We only rent out Teslas. If you need help or advice for making the most of your Tesla, you’ll be getting it from a Tesla expert and company Director. 

Fair Break Terms

We understand situations can change. We only need 4 week’s notice to end your rental. We also only charge 2 week’s break fees if you need to cancel within your contract term. And if you find a suitable replacement driver, we can waive the notice period.

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