We specialise in pre-purchase, pre-order and pre-delivery trials of what it’s like to own and live with an electric vehicle like a Tesla. The experience simply cannot be matched by a 15-minute test drive, and you’ll get real answers to your ownership questions from someone who actually owns a Tesla and isn’t selling one. 

Of course, we also cater for those who just want the Tesla experience for a special event, holiday or road trip. It can be more cost effective to rent an electric vehicle than an equivalent fossil fuel vehicle, especially for longer trips.

We help you:

  • Get familiar with the Tesla
  • Be completely comfortable so you can confidently make the most of your time
  • Understand and try all of the cool Tesla features
  • Get honest answers about ownership and the Tesla experience
  • Understand and try different charging options
  • Design and plan your day or route to make the most of the Tesla experience

Your Tesla Rental Includes: 

Car Rental Insurance

Your quoted price has the insurance already priced in. So there’s no hidden insurance extras!

Contactless and remote handover.

Keeping you safe. But if you want to see someone, we can arrange that for you!

Unlimited KMs!!

It’s an EV, so there’s no engine to wear out. But if you’re thinking of taking a long road trip, please let the operator know because they might be able to share with you some charging tips.

Tesla Supercharging credit

Road trip? No worries! We’ve got you covered. How many other car rental places include fuel with their rentals?


If you need to use tolls, you can. Just don’t go nuts please.